Vincenzo and Lottie are a wealthy couple who's marriage has been dead for years now. Out of convenience, they never seperated and still live in the same house. They are experts at keeping up appearances. But under the surface there's tension, unhappiness and a whole lot of dirty secrets.

A 4-minute music video is a tough format to tell a story, so what I like to do is dip in and out of character's lives and give a glimpse, a snap shot of what they are up to. With this video I wanted to focus on creating interesting characters with depth, and to explore the contrast between how people present themselves and how they feel inside. Once people have watched the video I want them to know a little bit more about the characters they've seen, but also leave them with a few more questions.

An aspect of music videos which I enjoy, and is an obvious thing to say, is there's no dialogue or sound so you have to tell a story through visuals alone. Through the actions or non-action of the cast. With props, cinematography and lighting to sell a particular mood or feeling that compliments the music. Ultimately for me it's entertainment, I want the audience to be interested and engaged. I'm not interested in moralistic story telling or preaching, I think villains are way more interesting than heroes. 

Director: Tim Fox
DOP: Josh Thompson
Producers: Tom Mackay and Sam Mildner
Editor: Jan Hilman
Styling: Cultlovesyou
Hair, Make Up: Rowhan Guest
Gaffer: David Dawson
Cast: Donna Gray, Roger Neaves
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