Hello. My name is Tim Fox. I am an animation director and illustrator. I've worked with X Factor winners and death metal bands. Small start ups and global brands.
I started my career as a designer, studying art direction at University and, through a love of animation and film moved into directing music promos, commercials and content for the music industry. Whether it's directing a large production, collaborating with a small team or creating on my own I am always driven by the same two things: Craft and storytelling. I'm constantly seeking out new challenges and pushing myself to grow as an artist and storyteller. Whether it's a complex technical project or a small passion project, I approach each opportunity with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication.

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients, including household names like Coca-Cola, Mercedes, HBO, and Universal Music. 

I'm equally at home in 2D and 3D animation, and I enjoy blurring the lines between the two to create something truly unique. From concept to storyboard, from illustration to editing, I've had the chance to wear many hats throughout my career.

 I enjoy making work that is personality driven, often irreverent with dark humour. I have a passion for colour, form and composition.
Some fun facts about me:

I once directed Jeff Goldblum to climb inside a very expensive piano.

I have been told repeatedly by Youtube commenters to stop doing drugs.

One time I filmed an Ant dressed as the Pope vomit yoghurt.
I love villains, not heroes.

Sometimes I will hide in a cupboard for well over an hour to scare people.


Please feel free to contact me to collaborate or just to chat.