This is a music video I recently completed with animation crew Yere Studio for Vermont jam band Twiddle! Each band member is faced with some kind of inner fear, and it takes harmonica legend Jon Popper to blast away the evil and bring the good vibes.

Director: Tim Fox
Animation: jko Sanchez and Sara Serna
Art: Helen Ratner
Character Design: Emmanuel Okafor
Band: Twiddle
Character Development

We went with some pretty simple character designs, knowing they would be treated heavily in post. The feedback was straight forwards, we had to tone down the beard colours when working in black and white. Clothing was simulated in Marvelous Designer to give realistic cloth movements. All the characters were animated using motion capture, it was just a lot more efficient and quick doing it this way considering there were 90 moves to rig.

These are the storyboards I handed over to our animators Jko and Sara. In total there were 90 scenes, and we worked together with me providing the character animations and they did the 2D FX, more animating and background illustrations.
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