My last project for 2021 and it's a big one, an animated video for Justin Bieber's version of Someday at Christmas! (Originally a Stevie Wonder song). 

I collaborated with legendary South Korean artist Bang Sangho on this one. He is famous for creating detailed alien landscapes, surreal and highly imaginative. So naturally we came up with an inter-dimensional Christmas realm full of walking presents, floating hams, a celestial being who drops festive bombs on the world, a robot Justin and a mystical Christmas Wizard who creates all the presents in the world out of a black hole in his stomach. Yes, I have no idea how they approved it either! 

Tim Fox x Bang Sangho 
Animation Director: Tim Fox 
Art Director: Bang Sangho 
Character Design: Emmanuel Okafor 
Animation: Amalia Belle Rex 
Creative Director: Dezi Catarino
Video Stills
Work in Progress / Storyboard / Look Dev
Character Concept Design
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