Music Video - Big Wild
Label: NinjaTune
Director: Tim Fox
Executive producer: Tom Mackay
Production Company: Monument
A man is relentlessly pursued by his alter egos, a tripe threat of doubt, frustration and distraction you get when you’re coming up with ideas. This is a video about the creative process and the struggle for creativity – written with Jackson (Big Wild) in mind but also a personal story for myself as a director. The path to that perfect concept is fraught with self-doubt. Is this good enough? Am I good enough? Sometimes you have to let go, not force it and shed those nagging voices. I loved this song so much I wanted to make something amazing, but was battling with myself internally and the ideas weren't coming. So I decided to go a little meta and write about the writing process.

Ninjatune were incredible, they embraced all the ideas I thought would get thrown in the bin and the feedback process was really constructive.

We decided to cast twins in the video to get around any complex VFX interactions and to halve our shot list! At the same time I wanted to make it not too obvious and make people question whether it is one or two actors. It could well have been done with one actor and a double.   

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