Music Video: Guilty by The Shires
Client: Decca Records

Director: Tim Fox
Production Company:
I flew to LA with my team at Monument to shoot the video for The Shires. We spent two days at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley, a gloriously retro 1950s motel with a diner and classic car junkyard attached. It was used in the Netflix series Glow. If you want the real thing, go to the source. We battled jetlag over two full days, with the help of our incredibly experienced crew stateside, orchestrated by super producer, Divi Crockett.

The track is an all out, unapologetic fun pop song and we had a blast making it. In the video, the band are guilty of having a good time, infecting everyone around them with their catchy riffs. Busted by the cops, Crissie manages to escape by using her charm to handcuff one of the rookie cops to his own car. Don't feel too bad, they all got together at the end for a mad party, so it's all good.

We paid special attention to the colour and art direction in each scene, relating colours to specific moods such as joy (yellow), guilt (purple) and hope (orange). Subtle touches that resulted in a bright, colourful video that was pleasing to the eye. 

Special mention goes to the entire cast, who busted moves like no one was watching. Including the cops. Watch out for the older one rocking out later on - He used to be a real cop! 
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