I got so inspired by the release of the TMNT: Mutant Mayhem trailer last week I called up my friend Dan Crossan and said we HAD to do a tribute. It reminded me how they were a part of my life growing up so I decided to put my own spin on them. The trailer is one of those "Damn, I wish I'd worked on that" moments.

I took this opportunity to experiment more with an animated manga look and try a few more techniques. In particular the stepped animation look, which is that staccato in-betweeny look. Kind of a simple technique with a great result. Characters and environments are all built in 3D, FX are 2D and for the first time, I used MidJourney to create the sky. A useful little time saving technique there, even though it needed some hand drawn adjustments and I also had this weird guilt while I was using it.

Character model: Sketchfab
Art: Dan Crossan
Environments: Kitbash3D
Render engine: Arnold Toon shader
Mocap: Rokoko mocap
Software: Maxon C4D / Adobe After Effects

This is totally a non-commercial, personal project no affiliation with the actual TMNT unfortunately.
Behind The Scenes

Below is an animatic which shows off the stepped animation technique more.
And below that is the insane cel shader I built to get that look on the green skin.
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