This is a Heist movie with a horror twist, set in a grimy New Orleans. Lil Wayne is the Mastermind, Kendrick is the Clean up guy and the girls used as bait just happen to be vampires. 

I wanted to push the cinematography in this one, still using the same techniques as before with Toon shaders and motion capture but I'm edging towards something that feels altogether richer with cinematic lighting, depth and atmosphere. The video was put together from concept to staging as if it were live action, blocking out actions and putting scenes together the same as if we were doing it for real. The structure of it has performance shots, narrative scenes and cutaway moments going on in the same way. Of course this way we have the ability to make everything feel hyper-real, we can mess with the colours and incorporate traditional 2D animation without it feeling tacked on. There's a freedom with animation where you can make things look EXACTLY how you imagine them without compromise.

Animation Director: Tim Fox 
Executive Producer: Dezi Catarino 
Production Company: Cultlovesyou 
Character Design: Emmanuel Okafor 
Mocap Cast: Paola Liza and Jeremiah Olubunmiolusola 
Art: Dan Crossan 
Mocap: Rokoko Studio
Concept and Development Art
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