Lyric Video
Artist: Slushii
Track: Never let you go

Direction and Animation: Tim Fox, Cultlovesyou

Slushii is a huge animé and pokemon fan, so I was told in the brief for this lyric video. So I challenged myself to go in and animate a load of kawaii characters which I have never done before. Look at most of my animation work and you will find they are almost all character-less.

The song features Sofia Reyes so I went with a cross over theme between Japanese and Mexican design, including characters. Look out for the dancing Sombrero and peyoté rabbit.

I wanted to add a bit of my own dark humour so it didn't feel orientated at kids, so there are characters vomiting, eating each other and doing rainbow poo's. However my five year old niece absolutely loves this video. She was the influence behind the unicorn doing a rainbow poo.
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