I created this lyric video for K-pop band Monsta X, on Epic Records. It's based on old skool 8-bit computer games, the ones that used to tell a story and you would navigate it by answering yes or no to questions. I remember the stories being deeply emotional and quite serious. I thought it would really suit this love song. I tried to avoid anything too fun and cartoony.

I got a tiny tiny tiny glimpse of what it's like to be involved with K-pop fans. When the video came out I got emails from fans saying thankyou which was weird enough but some blaming me for cutting out Wonho from the video. (Wonho is a member who left and the label asked me to cut him out of all band pictures). Others seemed to think the Y/N motif was some reference to fan fiction (It simply means yes or no from retro games). Imagine being IN the band! Its great to see people responding to something you make though, whether it's good or bad.
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