KAEN and Melo.Dee are on a mission to find the mysterious Black Lambo. Their journey takes them to the K9 Colony - an off world populated by dogs. Also - Low riders, strip clubs and gold spaceships! But the mission doesn't come without its own perils.
Straight off the back of creating an animated world for Skip Marley, I dove head first into another big one. The guys in DAAM had the idea of animated alter egos with a backstory and everything. It was my job to introduce their first story and first release, Black Lambo.

I dug deep and pulled out everything to create a story crossed between Star Wars, Blade Runner and The Boondocks. Follow the saga. To be continued...

Character design by Amalia Rex
Character development by Emmanuel Okafor
Art direction by Neil Sanderson
Directed and animated by Tim Fox
Character Development
The team built fully rigged 3D characters for the DAAM video (link in bio) with face poses. These were based on 2D illustrations. I needed to animate quickly due to tight deadlines so we made it compatible with Mixamo. If I had the time I would have simulated the clothing in MD. Next time!
Scene Builds
Video Stills
Thank you for watching!
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