The Collection series continues, shifting units and repeatedly gaining #1 status' in the compilations charts. This edition is compiled by the biggest DJ in the world (We checked, it's true) Fatboy Slim! 

Fatboy Slim is known for his music videos as well as his tunes. Working with the likes of Spike Jonze and featuring the legend that is Christopher Walken, we felt the pressure of coming up with a creative that suited Norman's irreverant style. We moved away from slick, next-level CGi and went with a live-action VFX route. Fatboy Slim can often be seen holding up record sleeves to the audience at his gigs, so we took this and ran with it, inventing new and interesting ways to transition between scenes using record sleeves.
We shot over the course of 2 days with Norman, in Brighton at three locations. We were blessed with some incredible sunshine which kept spirits up despite our 5am wakeup calls. Norman was an utter gent for the entire 48 hours, never diminishing despite having to repeatedly hold up a fake green record sleeve.
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