Have you ever wondered how solar systems are created?

This is a story about the birth of a Sun. Our Sun. Forget what they tell you about the
Big Bang. Our solar system was and still is being created in a Planet Factory run by
four eccentric but enlightened old Sahdu's, in the heart of Varanasi, India. They plant a seed of light and help it grow by dancing and singing mantra’s, their positive energy soaked up by the ever growing orbs of light.

Alternative Night Version
Research: I wanted to create a system where I could replicate shanty towns in an infinite array of shapes and sizes.
I wanted to see how far I could push Cinema4D in complexity and scale. I really like intricate, busy detail - scenes with "lot's of stuff" in. But I needed a workflow to stop my machine from crashing. I built individual Slum houses out of low poly shapes and used Mograph to assemble them in whatever formation I needed. I've used this "Slum Creator" system in other projects. So it's worth putting in the time to setup systems that you can use again and again.
Thank you for viewing! Please follow me as there will be lot's more work to come. You can discover more at www.cultlovesyou.com
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