DAAM! - Autopilot
Director and Animator: Tim Fox
Character design: Amalia Rex
Character development, model and build: Emmanuel Okafor
Shoot production: Monument London
Producer: Tom Mackay
DOP: Liam White

DAAM! have landed on planet Earth. Naturally they're heading for the film studio to record their debut music video. Along the way they bump into Hex and Ebenezer who get DAAM!-ified. It feels weird at first but you get used to it.


This is my 2nd video for the guys in DAAM! This time around I wanted to take the character animation further and create a performance video. Having used basic Mixamo rigs for the 1st video, this one required motion capture to get authentic moves in front of the camera. Something only the guys could reproduce.

We explored a few tech options, a lot of which proved out of our budget. The main issue was being able to capture a performance like we would in live action. Recording several takes and then cutting in the edit room afterwards. This would require a lot of data capture and the economical nature of mocap studios and the cost per second meant we had to pursue something bespoke that we could use in our own time without restrictions. That is where the Rokoko Smartsuit came in. It did the job perfectly for us. We didn't need totally perfect mocap data as there was a lot we could get away with wth these animated characters. There was clean up to do afterwards, mostly where hands were clipping. 

I'm not going to lie, it was a big job to undertake and my team and I pulled out all the stops. I haven't even begun to talk about the motion graphics and camera tracking live action scenes. 

Animating cartoon characters using mocap has been an interesting learning process in real movement vs. cartoon movement. It looks very different to traditional keyframe animation like you would see in Pixar movies. The movements are real and not exaggerated and it's missing fundamental principles such as overshooting and follow through that we are used to seeing in cartoons. The main reason we chose this route was down to time because we had three weeks to make the video and a relatively small budget to employ extra hands.
Character Design
MOCAP SHOOT - With the Rokoko Smart Suit
Thank you for watching!
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